Shape Urban will work collaboratively and cooperatively with you as the client, and other consultants, to deliver great outcomes.  Our core business is to deliver strategic planning and stakeholder engagement services to clients across the State.

Our role will be to understand the long-term needs of your community, your natural and economic environment, and your needs and expectations for the future.  We can then support you in shaping great plans for the future that are visionary and that can be delivered.

Our services include:


Strategic visioning and alignment setting; collaborative shaping of project scopes with clients and preparation of briefs. Projects will be approached uniquely based on the community or the project type.


We support core project delivery for any urban project on behalf of our clients, either as a sole consultant or through collaboration with other high-quality organisations.


The engagement process includes the vitally important task of delivering and managing stakeholder and community engagement on behalf of clients.


Our core principle of shaping solutions with the communities they impact drives us to ensure that projects are brought to bear and deliver tangible results.

Shape Urban has a number of relationships with partner consulting firms and can work with existing consultant teams on request.

Contact Anna for a personal discussion on how Shape Urban can collaborate with you on your project.