Our experience spans the breadth of Western Australia, from the Kimberley in the north to the Great Southern in the south.

With a driving vision to ensure sustainable urban development is partnered with pragmatic, forward looking outcomes, Shape Urban seeks to shape the future of places.

We work hard to understand the long-term needs of your community, your natural and economic environment, and your expectations for the future. And then support you in shaping great plans for the future that are visionary and that can be delivered.

Our people

With the experience of Director Anna Kelderman, a small team of passionate urbanists and our collaborative partnerships, we work closely with clients and communities to deliver multidisciplinary projects and great results.

We have delivered a number of significant strategic projects, small local urban projects, and important and unique engagement projects across a range of sectors.

We’re passionate about people, places and projects.

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Our approach allows us to consider a project at any stage – beginning, middle, end or anywhere in-between.

We believe stakeholder and community engagement underpins long term solutions and great outcomes. Our engagement methodologies can be tailored to be an all-encompassing component of your project or we can assist with engagement at any stage, from project visioning to shaping solutions.

Our proposed approach embraces the individuality of people, places and projects with a team that deliver; not just a strategy, but the actions themselves.

We are proud to always bring together a team of people that live and breathe people and places and can work with you to provide guidance that is underpinned by real world delivery.

We understand the good, the bad and the ugly of projects; ready for known risks and always flexible and responsive to new challenges.