Project Description

City of Belmont 

Review of Town Planning Scheme External Space Provisions

Main Services

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Statutory Planning
  • Scheme Amendments

Shape Urban completed a full review of the Citys external storage provisions which has been introduced with an aim of improving the aesthetic of the area by restricting the use of external space. This required businesses to move large trade display areas off-site, unintentionally causing tenants to split their businesses across two sites at substantial cost. 

Shape Urban undertook case study research into other business park environs across the Metro area and in major regional centres throughout the state which involved reviewing schemes, strategies and local laws that provided alternatives to the City’sConsultation was undertaken with the City’s administration to identify opportunities and challenges of applying methods used by other local governments, and presentations on finding and options were made to elected members. 

The research informed recommendations to improve the aesthetic value of the area while providing alternative approaches to control external use in the business park. The project shows the team’s ability to utilise their planning expertise to complement the innovative approach they take to planning.